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"There are Hundreds of Languages around the World, but...

​a Smile speaks them all!"​

Teeth Whitening Pens 2 PACK + 2-PACK C-Shape Cheek Retractors M and L

QUALITY: Impressive Smile teeth whitening pens as well as our cheek retractors are manufactured in FDA registered facility under strict guidelines. Each retractor is made of high quality Non-Toxic Recyclable Plastic. Cycle tested to ensure longevity. Stronger than other lip retractors on the market! Fits most mouths!

RESULTS: Each pen contains professional strength gel, which will work fast to whiten your teeth while the Cheek Retractors widen the mouth to provide a clear panoramic view of the oral cavity and maximum access to all your teeth during whitening and allow for effective drying. You can see visible results after only 2 days of continual use.

ECONOMICAL: You will receive 2 elegant teeth whitening pens with enough teeth whitening formula to last for approximately 60 days as well as 2 retractors in both Medium and Large sizes (1 each) for maximum fit and comfort.

CONVENIENT: Impressive Smile teeth whitening pens are easy and convenient to use. Using the convenient retractors, you can apply gel in seconds before leaving your home or going to meeting. They are small and elegant so you can take them with you wherever you go.

GOOD IDEA: Give yourself a gift of an Impressive Smile and dazzle your friends with new pearly white teeth. Get one for a friend too!

Our teeth whitening pens with our exclusive professional strength gel will deliver teeth whitening results faster, easier and more convenient. Use it at home, at work or when you travel. Don’t leave home without it! It is great for touch-ups! For best results follow Instructions on our box. Apply daily and soon you will have a smile you always wanted! Impressive Smile cheek and lip retractors are 100% brand new, reusable and of very high quality. They are made of clear plastic and are compatible with the cold sterilization and the autoclave (<135 degree celsius). Used together, these retractors maximize the effectiveness of the whitening pens!

Specifications for Cheek Retractors

- Size: Large (5.12*3.6*0.83inch) (130*92*21mm)

- Size: Medium (4.6" x 3.4" x 0.7") (118mm x 85mm x 17mm)

- Color: Clear