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"There are Hundreds of Languages around the World, but...

​a Smile speaks them all!"​

Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light, 6 X More Powerful White

  • Teeth whitening accelerator light improves the whitening process while breaking down stains on the tooth surface and whiten faster. Our NEW design contains 6 powerful LED bulbs for brighter whitening and faster, more effective results compared to low-quality competitor lights with a fewer bulbs.
  • Whitening light must be used with teeth whitening gel which is sold separately. Point LED light onto teeth while whitening process to improve and speed up teeth whitening results, just like at the dental office.
  • This is a top quality elegant edition whitening led accelerator with high intensity light
  • Impressive Smile 6 LED bulb teeth whitening accelerator is highly efficient with wave length up to 480 nm
  • This Impressive Smile white accelerator light includes batteries with up to 72 hours of continuous use.

Our new luxury design, stylish and very elegant white LED Accelerator light is used to enhance teeth whitening process. Our advanced and super-efficient technology activates teeth whitening gel in order rapidly remove surface stains and penetrate deep to remove embedded stains. -Directions:- Open hatch on the back of LED Accelerator light (opposite side of the ON/OFF button). Take out the two batteries. You should see a transparent plastic tab. Remove this plastic tab to allow the batteries to make contact. Once the tab is removed, put the batteries back and close the hatch. Make sure that + sign is up. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the light on. If the blue light is not on, you may have inserted the batteries incorrectly.

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