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Light Emitting Diode (LED) masks emit varying wavelengths of light that treat different skin concerns. LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes different wavelengths of infrared light to help treat various skin issues such as acne, fine lines, and wound healing. It was actually first developed for clinical use by NASA back in the nineties to help heal astronauts' skin wounds — though research on the topic continues to grow, and support, its many benefits. "Without a doubt, visible light can have powerful effects on the skin, especially in high-energy forms, such as in lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) devices. LED is a "lower energy form," in which the light is absorbed by the molecules in the skin, which in turn "alters the biologic activity of nearby cells."

In slightly simpler terms, LED light therapy "uses infrared light to achieve different effects on the skin. During a treatment, "wavelengths in the visible light spectrum penetrate the skin to varying depths to exert biologic effect." The different wavelengths are key, because this is "what helps make this method effective, as they penetrate the skin at varying depths and stimulate different cellular targets to help repair skin.

What this means is that the LED light essentially alters the activity of skin cells in order to produce a variety of agreeable outcomes, depending on the color of the light in question — of which there are multiple, and none of which are cancerous (because they do not contain UV rays).


LED Mask Benefits:

All LED masks therapy sessions are administered for 20 minutes per appointment! Of you book for more sessions, you’ll need to book separate appointments for each 20 minute sessions you’ll like to complete. 

Each Session=$50

Red Light

Red has a wavelength between 600nm and 700nm and is mainly used for its anti aging benefits thanks to its ability to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

Our anti aging devices fully exploits these benefits to give you a younger face. You can also use our face rejuvenation devices which have an extension for the neck for a better overall result.

Blue Light 

Blue light is usually used to kill the bacteria that cause acne, providing effective treatment for comedones and pimples. A lot of research has demonstrated the ability of blue light to reduce acne.

It is therefore a considerable asset since it is effective and very soft on the skin.

Green Light

Green has proven its ability to reduce melasma and other skin discoloration problems.

Green light penetrates the skin’s sublayers by targeting melanocytes to reduce melanin stimulation which causes dark spots on the skin. With less melanin reaching the skin surface, hyperpigmentation or discolorations gradually disappear.

Yellow Light

Yellow has characteristics quite close to red light for the skin. More specifically, it is effective in treating cutrosis and redness from sun exposure and it stimulates blood circulation.

Cyan Light

Cyan is the combination of blue and green lights. It removes acne and pigment stains simultaneously.

White Light

The most powerful of all the wavelengths, white light tightens skin at its base and reduces inflammation.Heals acne scars, tightens the skin and clears sun damage and dark spots.

Purple Light

The purple light combines the red and blue lights. It eliminates acne-causing bacteria while reducing facial inflammation and reducing the appearance of acne-related scars. It is therefore highly recommended for people with acne and redness.

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