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There are hundreds of languages spoken​ around the world… but, a smile ​speaks them all!



Whiter Smiles RVA' s Quality Custom Grillz are made from only the best Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Our competitors use gold that discolors easily, is flimsy, or is even fake Gold! Not us, we deliver high quality metals and diamonds as well as Grade A work! In addition to having unprecedented quality, we offer our Quality Custom Grillz at an affordable price. On top of having the best price and quality, Our Quality Custom Grillz are up to date with the modern trends. For example, our Diamond Dust Grillz have been a game changer and can be ordered exclusively through our site.

We want our clients to feel comfortable with their decision and investment which is why we offer unparalleled customer support. As a reputable and high valued company, Whiter Smiles RVA is now new members of the Jewelry community and we have a responsibility to our fellow neighbors. Whiter Smile RVA exudes the highest quality effort and possesses expert knowledge in regarding both Diamond Merchandise, Gold, and Grillz.


VVS = Very Very slightly included

(VVS1 and VVS2)

A diamond with very very slight inclusions, VVS1, has an amount of non-crystallized carbon often situated around the girdle or edge of the diamond. A very very slight inclusion, VVS2, will have inclusions of the same size but closer to the table or centre of the diamond. Both VVS grades represent high quality and a near perfect clarity. Diamonds with IF or VVS characteristics are considered investment quality and the purist will insist on this clarity. Having few inclusions will improve the performance of light return and sparkle so these diamonds are sought after for their beauty. The price is proportional to the amount of inclusions in every diamond. IF and VVS diamonds have a significant premium because of the scarcity.

VS = Very Slightly included (VS1 and VS2)

VS quality diamonds represent good value and retain a high clarity rating. A VS1 diamond will contain inclusions around the girdle or edge and the VS2 will have a similar amount of inclusions around the table and more central areas of the diamond. VS quality diamonds are ‘eye-clean’, which suggests that no visible marks can be seen with the naked eye, and we recommend this classification for quality minded purchasers.

SI = Slightly imperfect small inclusions (Si1, Si2 and Si3)

Slight inclusion, Si1 quality diamonds are graded as Si1, Si2 anda not so common Si3. A Si1 quality diamond is considered to be eye-clean although unaided but very close viewing or a trained eye could identify the inclusions. The fact that such concentrated unaided analysis is not normally performed by brides to be or their friends at dinner parties make these diamond popular as they are priced significantly below the VS quality diamonds. Having an ‘eye-clean’ diamond is the preference in nearly all diamond buyers and we would stress that Si1 diamonds are considered eye-clean because the location of the inclusion is difficult to detect and usually around the edge. However we always add our own particular caveat. ‘Stones commonly referred to as eye-clean have no visible marks when viewed with the naked-eye. Slight inclusion, Si2 quality diamonds have slight inclusions that are often located around the table and include black carbon which contrasts to a diamond's whiteness and is more noticeable.

I= Inclusions visible to the naked eye

 (I1, I2, I3 – or sometimes refered to as P1,P2,P3)

Are all very poor clarity diamonds with an I1 being visibly included. ‘I’ claritydiamonds loose light return because the inclusions are so large the light that enters the diamond can be refracted at random angles. The many inclusions also weaken the diamonds durability and a jeweller can more easily chip the stone when setting it into a the gold. These diamonds I1, I2, and I3 are suitable for when size and a low budget matters.


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