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QHow Often Should You Use a LED Light Mask? 

A: Most estheticians will advise you to use it no more than three times a week and for only twenty minutes each session.

Q: What Should I Put on My Face Before Red Light Therapy? 

A: For best results, it's always recommended to use LED products on a clean face with no serums or moisturizers. This allows the light therapy to effectively penetrate the skin without any barriers.

QShould I moisturize before or after red light therapy?

A: Although there is nothing wrong with using lotion if you choose to, it is not necessary. There are no scientific studies showing that applying lotion before or after red light therapy is beneficial or recommended. If the question is lotion or no lotion, the short answer is no—it's simply not necessary.

Q: Who is the led face mask best suited for?

A: Color light therapy is ideal for men and women who are experiencing signs of aging due to collagen and elastin breakdown and slower cellular renewal that comes with age.

a led face mask is also great for treating adult acne.

many young adults also incorporate led light therapy into their skin care routine to obtain a radiant glow and prevent premature aging.

Q: Are led facials safe?

A: The led face mask used at Be Well by Whiter Smiles is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types and skin conditions. the light energy used in a led face mask is gentle, controlled, heat free, and absent of harmful uv light. the fda has approved the led face mask as a safe and efficient light therapy used to treat acne and rejuvenate skin.

Q: Are led face masks painful?

A: The led face mask emits gentle led light that is painless, non-invasive, and requires no down time.

Q: How long does an led face mask treatment take?

A: Typically, the led face mask will be applied for 20 to 30 minutes, but depending on the scope of the treatment, sessions may be longer.

Q: How many led facials will i need before I see results?

A: You should see improvements in your skin after your first led facial, but optimal results are reached after several sessions of color light therapy.

Q:how quickly will i see the led face mask results?

A: Immediately. after your color light treatment using an led face mask your skin will glow with a healthy radiance. it can take several weeks to see the led mask’s results in their full potential. this is because the led face mask is a non-invasive skin treatment that improves the skin by kicking your body’s healing mechanisms into over drive and stimulating it to produce more collagen. this gradual effect ensures that your results look natural.

Q: How long do led face mask results last?

A: Most patients enjoy their results for 180 days. however, optimal results are obtained when patients maintain their improvements with scheduled led facials, spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Q: Can a led face mask be used in conjunction with other skin treatments?

A: Color light therapy is a great treatment to use in conjunction with other skin care treatments such as laser skin resurfacing. it is also a great post care treatment for individuals experiencing any discomfort following a more aggressive laser skin treatment.

Q: Do I need to change my daily skin care routine following a led facial?

A: A led face mask is non-invasive and requires no downtime. you can maintain your normal skin care routine, and even reapply makeup immediately after your appointment.

Q: Should I avoid the sun after an led face mask?

A: Color light therapy using an led face mask does not increase your sensitivity to sunlight. but of course, apply sunscreen after every appointment.

Q: What is the difference between professional led masks and the led masks you can use at home?

A: Simply put, professional led masks are more efficient than home administered led masks. they are also safer, and provide longer lasting results. this is due to the high end quality and advanced technology used in professional led face masks, as well as the knowledge and expertise of skilled laser technicians that perfectly calibrate the led face mask for each individual patient.

Q: Can i get an led facial while pregnant?

A: Women who are pregnant, or people with epilepsy, or people who are taking certain medications such as tetracycline, steroids, or cortisone injections should not receive light therapy treatments.

Q: How does a led face mask differ from traditional photo-rejuvenation treatments?

A: Most photo-rejuvenation treatments are performed by skilled laser technicians, using a handheld light emitting device. a led face mask can provide an effective level of led light, using a special mask shaped to the contours of a face.

one advantage led face masks have over traditional photo-rejuvenation treatments is the design of the mask utilizes the full energy of the light emitting diodes, unlike hand held laser devices that can lose energy due to beam spread. this means that gentler strengths of light can be used while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Q: How can i get started with a led face mask?

A: The easiest way to get started with a led face mask is to call us at 804-549-8098 to set up an appointment, or you can book online with one of our professionals by clicking here.