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There are hundreds of languages spoken​ around the world… but, a smile ​speaks them all!


What's a Dental Spa?​ Let Us Explain...

What's an 

Oral Wellness Dental Spa?

It's the Solution to a Happier Smile!

Why Us?

"Welcome to Whiter Smiles RVA Inc., your number one source for an amazing whiter smile! We are dedicated to giving our clients the very best dental spa experience. We pride ourselves on focusing on great customer service, top quality products and results , affordable prices, a relaxed and stress relieving atmosphere and of course WHITER TEETH!"

We are also the only teeth whitening spa in Virginia with professionally trained dental professionals with certificates and/or an associate degrees in dental science. Futhermore, our teeth whitening technicians are also CPR certified. 

We are happy to say that we are a dental spa you can trust with your smile goal  results and your general oral health!

Our Story

Whiter Smiles RVA has come a long way from simply a dream to Reality! Whiter Smiles RVA was first founded around the fall of 2015, just after the owner, Kayanda Patterson graduated from ECPI University's Medical Careers Institute.  At ECPI, she earned an Associates' Degree in Applied Science in Dental Assisting and is entitled to all honors, rights and privileges thereto.

Upon the earned degree, Whiter Smiles RVA opened their doors for the first time to clients in January of 2016, servicing the local Mechanicsville Area of Virginia. After mass advertisements and many referrals about our convenient, affordable service, many consumers grew curious and tried professional teeth whitening for the first time. Nearing just a few months in business and before realizing it, Whiter Smiles RVA serviced their first 100 clients in June of 2016.

"As a result, today, Whiter Smiles RVA is servicing client's smiles all over the Richmond Metropolitan area!"

"We hope you enjoy our products as we enjoy servicing and offering them to you!"


Kayanda Patterson


Meet The Owner

Kayanda Patterson was born June of 1984 and raised in Richmond Virginia, where she graduated high school in 2002 from Henrico High School. She immediately moved away to Baltimore Maryland after graduation,where she grew up as a young adult. Ms. Patterson later returned to Virginia to pursue her education in Dentistry in 2007.

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Before she enrolled in Dental school Ms. Patterson worked full time in retail to support her dream and to save enough money for college. In 2011 She enrolled in ECPI University and graduated in 2014 with an Associates Degree in Applied Dental Science.

In 2015, Kayanda Patterson opened her first LED laser teeth whitening spa called Whiter Smiles RVA in Mechanicsville,VA. Ever since Whiter Smiles RVA opened their doors,they have been servicing the entire state of Virginia one smile at a time!

-Kayanda Patterson


Whiter Smiles RVA Inc.

Inside of Whiter Smiles RVA

Don't wait any longer, come on in to meet us and get pampered by our staff in a cozy environment that feels just like home!