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There are hundreds of languages spoken​ around the world… but, a smile ​speaks them all!


Details on Our Teeth Whitening Perks!

3 Whitening Options

We understand that everyone’s lifestyle isn’t the same and that’s why we have options!

Natural , Standard and Deep Stain Laser teeth whitening sessions! Each options is tailored to different lifestyles to customize your experience and results! Explore your options before booking or contact us if you have additional questions on what option is best for you! Below is a brief description of each whitening gel treatment we offer:

Natural Gel

(32% Sodium Bicarbonate)​

This treatment gives great results that can last up to 6-8 months. We typically recommend this treatment to Individuals who prefer non-chemical, organic products. Also a younger person between the ages of 15-25, non smoker will likely get better results from this treatment. 

Standard Gel

(45% Carbimide Peroxide)

Our standard treatment delivers outstanding results lasting up to12 months. We recommend this treatment to middle aged individuals who may very regularly consume certain food/drinks that act as staining agents to the enamel.

Deep Stain Gel

(16% Hydrogen Peroxide)

Having a deep stain treatment is popular among those who are heavy, everyday smokers and coffee drinkers. The results with this treatment is amazing and can last as long as 18 months.

Other Perks...

20 Minute Increments

All teeth whitening treatments are broken down into 20 minute intervals to give you control over your results and your experience! The ideal of professional laser teeth whitening is the more sessions you complete, the whiter your teeth will become! So, basically you’re in total control of the progress! 

Instant Results

Who wants to wait days, even weeks for whiter teeth from using an over the counter teeth whitening home kit? No one, I’m sure! Instead get Instant, same day teeth whitening results you’ll love! Your smile will be whiter as soon as you leave out of our door. In as little as 20 minutes you’ll began to see your teeth shade lightening up and looking whiter and brighter. 

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