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There are hundreds of languages spoken​ around the world… but, a smile ​speaks them all!





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Don't wait any longer, come on in to meet us and get pampered by our staff in a cozy environment that feels just like home!

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Rated the #1 Teeth Whitening Spa in Virginia!​​​

3 Great Reasons to Trust Us with Your Smile

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OUR Dental​ Spa:

  • Our Professionally Trained Dental Technicians will administer your treatment.
  • We offer 3 whitening options (Deep Stain, Standard, Natural) because everyone's staining isn't the same. 
  • We offer 20 minute increments per session along with flexible pricing per 20 minute increment. 
  • Flexible payment options (AfterPay accepted in office @ checkout.)
  • We accept HSA & FSA payments.
  • ALL Natural Products for your oral health to be used as aftercare maintenance and whitening products to preserve your whiter smile.
  • CPR certified technician to guarantee safe treatments.

Other Dental Spas:

  • Teeth Whitening Technicians who likely learned how to whiten teeth from watching videos on the Intenet and/or paying for classes hosted by non- dental professionals.
  • Only offer 60 minutes sessions.
  • Only one teeth whitening gel option.
  • 60 minute increments only. 
  • Cash, Credit Only payment options.
  • No aftercare products.
  • Non CPR trained technician on site to assure a safe treatment.

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3 Whitening Options

We understand that everyone’s lifestyle isn’t the same and that’s why we have options!

Natural , Standard and Deep Stain Laser teeth whitening sessions! Each options is tailored to different lifestyles to customize your experience and results! Explore your options before booking or contact us if you have additional questions on what option is best for you! Below is a brief description of each whitening gel treatment we offer:

Natural Gel

(32% Sodium Bicarbonate)​

Standard Gel

(45% Carbimide Peroxide)

Deep Stain Gel

(16% Hydrogen Peroxide)

Other Perks...

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